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Bored of "Instagram" Make Up

After a bit of self reflection on the style of my work I have come to the realization I am most comfortable and my best work is usually on the "softer side" of make up styles. Which is actually comical since the artists I admire the most are editorial and brilliantly precise at applying make up. That being said, I think there is a fine line between intentional vs. following trends that just don't suit someones face. There have been multiple instances I have genuinely thought of deleting social media all together. Three of those were after seeing continuous posts of spackled brows, an absurd amount of GLITTER highlighter, or Facetune-d images until every shadow of the models face became a muddled one dimensional mess.

WHAT HAS HAPPENED in our community? Now I'm no stranger to Photoshop, and do believe there are some pros to using it's tools (anyone that has taken a picture or selfie of make up quickly realizes there is a complete texture/light loss vs what it looks like in reality). While I'm all for patching up a clients blemish in Facetune, we have failed other artists and clients alike by setting unrealistic artistic standards. When did glam or bridal make up mean that we need to over exaggerate every feature? Or to completely distract from ones beauty?

I have shifted my perspective over the last couple months after realizing less can sometimes be more, especially with the current trends and hope that the beauty community soon follows. Don't get me wrong, I LOOOOOOOOVE an intense smokey eye or overdrawn lips but can we please make sure everyone is looking unique!

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