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This look literally took me an hour tops to do, which is impressive when we're talking Halloween make up.

Things you'll need:

Bright green hair paint (Party/Spirit)

Zombie green cream make up (Party/Spirit)

Spanish moss (Craft stores)

Purple/grey eyeshadows

Clear lash glue

Light foundation

A pair of spiky eyelashes


Make sure to spray your hair first as you can cover up any spots with foundation/moss. Do not be afraid to tease the hell out of your hair. Use conditioner to detangle and wash out before you shampoo.

I used Diorskin Air Flash for foundation as it's the lightest color I have in my kit but literally any foundation 3-4 shades lighter than your skin tone will work. Then went in with a few MAC shades for eyeshadow in Indian Ink, Shadowy Lady, Stars & Rockets, Parfait Amour and Vellum in the inner corners. Really focusing on the smokiness of the look and blending out to the hollow of my eyes (yes down where your eye bags begin) with Stars & Rockets. Next I applied my brows, rimmed my water line with Marc Jacobs High Liner in Blacquer, popped on some House of Lashes Iconic, and the eyes were done.

Next I moved on to sculpting the face which didnt take long as you just need a grey/green shadow to contour with. I used Mac Shadow in Coquette under the hollows of my cheeks. Then added the cream green face paint with a stippling brush overtop to give that moldy effect. Make sure to highlight with the Mac shadow Vellum to show off that duo chrome purple on the cheeks, cupids bow and tip of the nose.

I took some moss I had lying around from tombstones I created earlier this month and used clear eyelash glue to adhere. Looking back at photos my only regret was that I should have "uglied" my skin a bit more instead of leaving it glam. Oh well. I still love the way it turned out! DISCLAIMER. The one by your mouth is so painfully annoying, it feels like food has crusted over and every time you talk you are reminded that something is hanging off your face. If I could do it over again I would have just done it smaller or moved it.

Cancel out your lips with whatever foundation you used and VOILA!

A glam version of Beetlejuice that will be sure to turn lots of heads.

Also, make sure to plan more than me and please find something really striped. My tie didn't make the cut.

Happy Halloween 2017!

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